Attipas Twinkle - Blue
Attipas Twinkle - Blue

Attipas Twinkle - Blue

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Attipas are a world first in toddler shoes! As light as a sock but more supportive than a pre-walker, these functional shoes ergonomically support babies’ first steps and thereafter. Attipas shoes were launched in 2011 after 7 years of research and development, and are quickly becoming the number one choice in cute baby shoes! Attipas shoes are ‘Walking Science‘.

Attipas 'Twinkle' shoes are the latest style form the 2017 range with their thicker sock and cute starts. Attipas Twinkle is highly durable and machine washable, making them perfect for indoor or outdoor wear.  Attipas infant shoes are the best choice for little feet! 

Fully Machine washable, lightweight and breathable, they can be worn all year around. 

Attipas infant shoeshave endorsed by a leading Australian podiatrist.

Size Guide


Length (mm)

Age (Approx.)

Size (US)


108 mm

0-12 months



115 mm

12-18 months



125 mm

18-24 months



135 mm

24+ months


Washing Instructions

Attipas shoes are fully machine washable to 30 degrees celcius. When washing and drying, please use a laundry net. Note to maintain the quality of the fabric, hand wash and air-dry is preferred.


External Textile (%)
Cotton: 80%
Spandex: 17%
Rubber Yarn: 2%
Polyurenthane Yarn: 1%

Outsole (%)
TPR: 100% (Tested Non-Toxic Products)